Are you considering investing in the United States?

The United States offers firms from all around the world an open, stable market with many opportunities for profit.

Are you considering selling your product in the United States?

The United States offers the best market for your product!

The United States is considered the world's premier free market economy. There is ownership of private property, a competitive market, and unregulated prices. The U.S. free market depends on capitalism to thrive. That means the law of supply and demand sets prices and distributes goods and services.

The United States’ Government provides a helpful climate for business and you can expect to make a significant profit.

ITT EXIM LLC provides professional service for foreign entrepreneurs to start their own business in United States or bring it from overseas.

• Registration of your business and products in the U.S.

• Setting up a location for your business including office, factory, and finances.

• Analysis of necessary activities for marketing and promotion of products entering the U.S. market.

• Market Entry Strategies

• Marketing and Promotion Strategies

• Registration of your trademark in United States.

Business Consulting for Export and Investment into United States

PROFILE of Eric Ireneusz Izdebski III

Multilingual, Global Business Developer/Marketer/Consultant. Innovative and energetic Polish/American Executive with 35 years' experience conducting business in Central Europe and United States. Strengths include Business Development, Marketing, Promotion, Distribution, and Consulting. Fluent in English, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, and Greek. Possess high-level relationships and contacts in United States, throughout North America.

Advisory Services

The American market is well explored by big multinational corporations, but medium and small businesses from abroad with unique and innovative products/services willing to invest in the U.S. are often unaware of the broad range of investment possibilities in the United States. My services are dedicated to supporting new investments in the U.S. I will analyze the market for your products/services, find the best way of running your business (or find the partner/distribution channel), and find the best tax & legal advisors suitable to your business size. I will also support your startup business in United States in many other ways including: PR, translations, marketing, promotion, finding advertising agency, etc., etc... I really know the market and my highly-qualified experts are at your service. Contact me for more information:

Market Analysis

Immediately after receiving your request, I forward it to my analysts and let them investigate the market. Prior to that, I ask you for all information regarding your target market. Depending on the complexity of your product/service I shall run secondary research and focused primary research. My experience in an American Market and public sector are priceless as statistical data is often ineffective at estimating the market size. Basically, I know how to get to your potential customers directly.

Identifying potential competitors

I offer you deep insight into potential competition. You must be aware that very often American competitors are "invisible" for you as they are local businesses not present on the web or showing information in their business language only. I will give you the numbers...and information on how hard/easy will be for your products to enter the market. I offer Competition Analysis and Positioning/Pricing Strategy.

Identifying potential partners

In many cases, direct investment for small and medium businesses is too expensive or profits do not justify such action. I will find the best partners (meeting your requirements) for your business. I will place ads, review offers, negotiate terms, and check their background and financial status.

Business Plan

I concentrate on any kind of business or products because our location is in one of the most industrialized regions of the World. However, I will consider any business opportunities that I find feasible to market anywhere else in U.S.

I offer feasibility studies and help with preparing a business plan when you decide to invest in the United States.

Legal & Tax Advice

The complexity of American legal & tax issues is a huge obstacle for foreign investors. I cooperate with reliable and experienced lawyers/accountants and I know how to save you money by selecting the local company offering lower prices than multinational tax& accounting advisors.

When you are about to commence your business activity in United States, you may need to organize your office, find employees, organize a PR campaign, and prepare advertising among other things... you can count on me! - I will support you throughout the entire process. Contact me for more information:

About Us

ITT  EXIM is a professional, well recognized Global Export, Import Management company.

We manage export/import sales and marketing issues for many well-known North American Companies.


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