American Equipment

From heavy earth moving equipment to super computers to complete oil rigs, ITT  EXIM is the place to go for American made equipment. We also can provide creditworthy customers with 100% American bank financing.

  • Earth moving machines and equipment
  • Boats, freighters, and marine equipment and parts
  • Aviation and parts
  • Computers and super computers
  • Vehicles - automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, trailers
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Oil rigs and drilling equipment
  • Defense arms, supplies and equipment
  • Gas compressors
  • Global mobile systems
  • Plus many more items - just ask us

About Us

ITT  EXIM is a professional, well recognized Global Export, Import Management company.

We manage export/import sales and marketing issues for many well-known North American Companies.


We are experts in selecting the most suitable and sustainable technologies to meet local conditions and satisfy local needs.


Address:Plainville,CT USA
Telephone: +1-860-983-5284
Skype: ericizdebski