We Can Provide Up To 100% American Bank Financing

Loan Guarantees and Direct Loans

Our American banks assist us by guaranteeing term financing to creditworthy international buyers, both private and public sector, who purchase U.S. goods and services. With American bank’s loan guarantee, international buyers are able to obtain competitive term financing from lenders when financing is otherwise not available or there are no economically viable interest rates on terms over one-to-two years


  • Enables international buyers to obtain loans from lenders
  • Covers 100% of commercial and political risks
  • Flexible financing options and repayment terms
  • No limits on transaction size
  • Medium-term and long-term financing available


American bank’s guarantee of a lender’s loan to an international buyer is generally used for financing purchases of U.S. capital equipment and services. Financing may also be available for refurbished equipment, software, certain bank and legal fees, certain local costs and expenses

How to Begin

If you’re interested, ITT EXIM will need from the importer-investor:

  • 1. Letter of intent
  • 2. Executive summary

About Us

ITT  EXIM is a professional, well recognized Global Export, Import Management company.

We manage export/import sales and marketing issues for many well-known North American Companies.


We are experts in selecting the most suitable and sustainable technologies to meet local conditions and satisfy local needs.


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