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ITT EXIM provides professional export services for ten’s of thousands of brand name, American made goods and products with a specialty towards American technology, equipment and varied services for customers throughout the world.

ITT EXIM is Exporter of American Super Brand Products, American Know-How, American Technology, American Equipment and Service. We provide up to 100% financing for serious importers!

Solutions That Always Works For You

ITT  EXIM is a premier one-stop source who can provide customers throughout the world with brand name, American made products and services.

As a provider of export services, we will efficiently handle every transaction from beginning to end. We will deliver your order to your complete satisfaction.

With hundreds of contacts and sources cultivated over the past 25 years, we will match your requirements to the best possible seller for the best possible price.

About Us

ITT  EXIM is a professional, well recognized Global Export, Import Management company.

We manage export/import sales and marketing issues for many well-known North American Companies.


We are experts in selecting the most suitable and sustainable technologies to meet local conditions and satisfy local needs.


Address:Plainville,CT USA
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